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English and Maths Curriculum

At Fox Hill Primary we follow the Sheffield Schools Tracking and Assessment Tools (STAT) to plan and assess learning in reading, writing, SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) and maths. The STAT document can be viewed here and it shows a grid for each year group and each subject. When planning, teachers use these grids to carefully assess what children need to learn and plan lessons accordingly. These grids are then used to assess progress through learning and help to set targets and next steps. Please see our maths calculation policy to see the different ways we teach maths.

Sheffield STAT NC Grids Final Draft June 2014.pdf

Sheffield STAT document for English and maths









Phonics learning Reading Letters_and_Sounds_-_DFES-00281-2007.pdf

Letters and Sounds Scheme of Work

We follow the Fox Hill Scheme based on “Letters and Sounds” to help teach key phonics skills to our children. This is supported by a range of different materials, books, games and online resources including “Floppy’s Phonics” scheme. Here are some useful documents about phonics:


Parents guide to phonics

Link to Floppy’s Phonics scheme website

Within our school we do not follow one single reading scheme as we feel it is important for children to experience a broad range of different text types, including digital media. Our class books and library is made up of books from various schemes including Oxford Reading Tree, Project X, PM Books and more.

Guide to Book Bands 2014.pdf

A grid to match our learning steps to book band colours.

Representative Book Selection.pdf

Representative book selections for each year group.