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Our website links to the BrowseAloud service to facilitate access for all to our information. Click below to find out more.

Browsealoud is a free tool that speech enables website content. It offers a practical website access service to people with reading difficulties and those who find it easier to listen to, rather than read the content of our website.


It assists in the navigation of our website for the following sections of the population:


 Those with low literacy and reading skills

 Those where English is not the first language

 Dyslexic people

 Those with mild visual impairment


You can download the Browsealoud software onto your computer, which will then allow you to hear the text on our site in spoken word. This software is free to use and requires no registration.


Once you have downloaded it you simply go to any site that is speech enabled with Browsealoud and use your mouse or keyboard to select the text that you want to be read.


It will read the text to you one sentence at a time.You can also set the type of voice, its pitch, speed and volume to your own preferences.

Click on the BrowseAloud picture to access the website and download the software!